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Japanese Cake Walk [food art]

Photograph: Beautiful/Decay
The Japanese are known for giant monsters and cute things; this sculpture by artist Kozoo combines the two in this sculpture, SmileCake,HappyCake in Roppongi, Tokyo. The yellow cake topped with an enormous strawberry is accompanied by an equally large fork; good thing, now when Godzilla stops by he'll have something to eat with. Additional [...]

Food Sculptures by Peter Anton at the Allan Stone Gallery [food art]

"Boxed Doughnuts," Peter Anton, 2009, mixed media, 27x36x5 1/2 in.
Currently on display at the Allan Stone Gallery in New York City is an exhibition of sculptures of food by Peter Anton. Anton has been making mixed media sculptures of food since the early 1990s — the exhibition represents a small sampling of his more recent [...]

At the Armory Show: Tony Matelli's 'Double Meat Head' [food art]

"Double Meat Head," Tony Matelli, 2008, Cast aluminum, cast bronze, urethane and paint. View larger.
We visited the Armory Show, the contemporary art fair, in New York City this weekend, and took in Tony Matelli's "Double Meat Head," a self-portrait diptych, from the Leo Koenig Gallery. The sculpture represents the two stages of Matelli's existence — [...]

Giant Ice Cream Sandwiches at Dean Project, Long Island City, New York [food art]

"Eat your heart out", closeup, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers
Currently on display at the Dean Project in Long Island City is All Good Things…, the first New York solo exhibition and collaborative project by Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers.

“Between a rock”, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers
The exhibition is composed of four separate parts inhabiting the [...]

Martha Friedman's Waffle Sculpture in Brooklyn [Food Art]

Martha Friedman, "Waffle," foam, urethane resin, aluminum, paint, 85 x 78 inches, 2008.
Opened last week in Brooklyn's Metrotech Center is Trapdoor, a group show put on by the Public Art Fund. The standout piece is Martha Friedman's Waffle, a seven-foot-tall "waffle" that's either melting or taking shape, emerging from the pool of syrup on the [...]

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