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The Great American Food & Music Fest Clusterf-ck [events]

Photograph by Cammie Nguyen
Thousands of hungry people descended upon Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheatre for Serious Eats’ first annual Great American Food & Music Festival hosted by Food Network’s Bobby Flay. While Serious Eats’ founder Ed Levine envisioned the nation’s best food aplenty, the festival was a serious bust. Food was nowhere to be seen, and [...]

Grocery Shoplifting Story Starts Commenter Shitstorm

Yesterday, Gothamist posted an interview with a Whole Foods shoplifter that got linked to from everywhere. Serious Eats wrote a quick post about it, and the normally cuddly commenters completely lost it, unleashing a fury as never seen before.
Nearly every other comment in the post was written in a tizzy of shock and anger that [...]

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