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The Best Cookbooks of 2009 Roundup Spectacular

2009 has really been the year of the home cook. While last year's crop of cookbooks was dominated by technical, aspirational, fantastical documents like Alinea, A Day at El Bulli, and Under Pressure, the front runners this year are all about doability — take Ad Hoc home, take Momofuku home, make your own bacon, can [...]

Seven Fires' New, Less-Brown Cover

Old (left) and new (right).
Francis Mallmann and Peter Kaminsky's Seven Fires (Amazon) won the inaugural Piglet cookbook competition (whoops, spoiler, sorry), and at last night's party we noticed that the hardcover cookbook has graduated to a new cover. Brown gives way to white! Mallmann standing gives way to Mallmann sitting! Center alignment gives way [...]

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