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The Design of Food Merchandising Signs

We were fascinated by the graphic design of the food merchandising signs on South Bay Abram's website. Designed for food service — bakeries, delis, meat, fish, or cheese shops, et al, these signs come in two types: the overly decorative (a boat's steering wheel, fish on the sign, or signs in the literal shape of [...]

The Bacon Section of the Grocery Store

Photograph by The Goat Whisperer
Spotted in the Bacon Flickr Pool. Entitled "My Kind of Store." People had their priorities straight back in the 1970s, singing the praises of bacon with two-foot-tall block letters. I yearn for simpler, more honest times now that there's fake, vegetarian bacon.

The Must Wash Hands Blog

Love the Must Wash Hands blog. [via]

The Moustache Is Tiny Squid Roasts

From Thailand. [via]

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