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People Talking on Bananas [single serving sites]

Sure, why not? The tumbelog People Talking on Bananas presents just that: Photographs of people talking on bananas. Get these people a book deal. [via Gawker]

The People of Waffle House [single serving sites]

The single-serving site The People of Waffle House is a tumblelog that presents photographs of people at Waffle House restaurants, the chain with over 1,500 stores in 25 states. It's all pretty positive, mostly photos of people hanging out, and much better-natured than its likely inspiration, People of Walmart, .

Chopped: Five Ingredient Randomizer [single serving sites]

Likely inspired by the television program of the same name, Chopped is a single serving site by Michael Hoy that gives you five random ingredients. You don't like the combination, reload. You like the combination, save it. Nice, simple design.
[via Design Notes]

Food in Real Life: Preaching Truth to Packaging

The single-serving site Food in Real Life presents photos of packaged food, "cooked to specifications, compared to the photo on the box."
It should be no surprise that "food in real life" is different than a manipulated photograph, it's amusing that the only processed food that looks pretty close to the image on the box is [...]

Single Serving Site: Gordon Ramsay Swears At You [nsfw]

Here's the single serving site Gordon Ramsay Swears At You! that does... exactly that.
There are lot of single serving sites out there — a unique domain dedicated to a single purpose — from Is It Iced Coffee Weather? to Is it Tuesday? to Is it Christmas? — but we like this Gordon Ramsay website even [...]

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