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Drink Our Kool-Aid [contributors]

Want to be a part of Eat Me Daily's don't-call-it-a-comeback? We're looking for some new contributors to join our team. The level of commitment is up to you; we're looking for help across the board. What matters most is that you have a voice that meshes with the EMD style. That is: smart, occasionally cynical [...]

We're Back!

Miss us?
Sorry for the extended hiatus, folks. We hope that our absence didn't cause too much turbulence in your life, or that you haven't abandoned us for good.
As a reward for those of you who never stopped believing, we've got lots of goodies in store. First up is that Associate Editor Paula Forbes has been [...]


We're taking an extra few days weeks to recover from the holidays. Don't worry, we're not dead. We'll be back with you sometime next week in February March.
In the meantime, we are humbled and honored to have been included in Fimoculous' list of 30 Best Blogs of 2009. Resounding "woo" all around. So there [...]

Commenting, Activated

Hello friends,
Due to popular demand, we're enabling commenting.
It's always been our hope that our posts engender a thoughtful, candid, lively, and quality discourse, and it feels like the right time to let said discourse happen right here on the site. We know our readers are intelligent and lovely people who want nothing else other than [...]

Help Us Help You Help Us [contributors]

We need help! In particular: We're looking for a San Francisco-based contributor for some specific assignments out and about in the city. We're also looking for someone who loves watching TV (or hates it, in an articulate and erudite kind of way) to help us stay on top of the crazy shenanigans that go on. [...]


You Should Contribute to Eat me daily

Photograph from Life Magazine
We can't stay on top of everything (although we try), and we could totally use a hand.
We're looking for smart writers with something to say, whether it's a one-time thing or on a regular basis. Rants, reviews, reports, reblogs, long- or short-form writing: it's all fair game. For a better idea of [...]

Happy New Year from Eat me daily

Hey you, Happy New Year from the staff at Eat me daily. This humble blog only started on October 11, 2008, but we've done pretty well in our short existence this year: 550+ posts, 100,000+ pageviews, and an astounding 42 followers on Twitter. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank some of our top [...]

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