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Slashfood Fires Opening Salvos Against New York Magazine [blog war]

Blog war! Fight! Fight! Slashfood has decided to take on New York Magazine. In a recent post, Bruce Watson writes about about a random low-budget food-based cable access show Bronx Flavor, starring the very strange pimp-like character, Baron Ambrosius.
But on the way there, he detours into bitch-slap land, taking the standard criticism raised against [...]

Time Magazine Names Slashfood One of 25 Best Blogs for 2009

Time magazine has included Slashfood in its roundup of the "25 Best Blogs for 2009," and we diagnose a serious case of WTF. We realize these "Best Blogs" roundups are just pageview-generating linkbait, but really? Slashfood? Based on their blurb, the folks at Time are reading some version of Slashfood we've never seen:
Slashfood is a [...]

Layoffs and Changes for Slashfood [maybe?]

Slashfood is about to undergo some serious changes as part of a relaunch of AOL's lifestyle blogs as online magazines, according to multiple anonymous sources cited by ReadWriteWeb.
Lead bloggers at the "lifestyle blogs", sites like Gadling, ParentDish and SlashFood, have been told that they will be terminated in February but have apparently been told not [...]

Slashfood Writer Uses Vintage Deep Fryer, Has Death Wish

Slashfood writer Amy McDaniel fires up her great-grandmother's West Bend Deep Fryer from the 1970s , calling it her "newest toy."

Slashfood Writer 'Addicted' to Imitation Crab

A Slashfood writer is addicted to imitation crab, going so far as dipping the stuff in pesto:
It's so colorful and friendly, and you can buy it by the pound! Normally, I'm pretty averse to food that doesn't really look like ... food, but the juicy texture! The way it separates in my mouth! It's just [...]

While House Across the Street is on Fire, Slashfood Writer Thinks About Food

A recent post on Slashfood asks "What's the best food for a late-night bonfire?"
But it turns out that by "late-night bonfire," Monika Bartyzel means "the house across the street is on fire":
... I go outside, and the abandoned house across the street is a-flame. There's a nice toasty smoke haze to the air, and [...]

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