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Mickey Kaus Predicts the End of Gourmet and Bon Appetit

Blogging for Slate in KausFiles, Mickey Kaus writes:
kf hears: Bon Appetit and Gourmet are the next Conde Nast mags slated to die.
We can't imagine that Condé Nast would just kill both magazines — perhaps a merger is imminent?

Schrambling on Kids Cooking

Our Lady of the Grouch, Regina Schrambling, has had it with you kids who cook. You are not adorable, you are going to die in the kitchen, you are bad at math, and you probably can't even taste salt yet.
Schrambling takes on the suddenly prevalent world of child-helmed food media, calling it "the celebration of [...]

Slate Takes the Fun Out of Halloween

Following hot on HuffPo's heels of taking the fun out of Halloween with a "green" theme, Slate has its own ideas on how to make Halloween a lot less fun, including the gem, "Give out one candy per trick-or-treater instead of three."

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