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Chewable Pampers Commercial from Saturday Night Live [SNL, video]

Yay, SNL is treading in scat-humor. Last night's Saturday Night Live featured a commercial for Chewable Pampers: "All the convenience of a disposable diaper in an eco-friendly package." The edible diapers are available in different flavors: tangy cheddar, spicy lentil, and corn chowder. They're 100% edible and have anti-bacterial flavor crystals. "All great taste and [...]

Saturday Night Live's Whopper Virgins Parody [video, SNL]

Last night's Saturday Night Live, with Neil Patrick Harris, featured a parody of the Burger King Whopper Virgins, where everything just went wrong. Just like in the commercial, they ask: "What happens when you take Eastern European farmers, who have never eaten a burger, and ask them to compare a Whopper vs a Big Mac, [...]

Saturday Night Live: Cookies Digital Short [video]

In this Digital Short from Saturday Night Live with host Hugh Laurie, even though there's some bad news at the meeting, Fred Armisen's character can't get enough of the cookies:
"Don't tell my trainer, he's gonna kill me... a little cookie secret."
"But someone should arrest this cookie company — for cookie-cide."
"I wish I could stop, we [...]

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