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Sous Vide for the Masses: The SousVide Supreme

Now you can finally get your molecular gastronomy on — at home — with the SousVide Supreme, the self-proclaimed "World's Finest Water Oven." You'll still need to get a vacuum sealer, but at a "special introductory" price of $399, it's a more affordable option instead of thermal circulators that normally start at around $1000, and [...]

The Trojan Hog on Heston's Roman Feast [video]

The latest episode of Heston's Feasts had Heston Blumenthal mining the Roman era for recipes—one of the dishes from this episode was the Trojan Hog: a whole pig cooked sous vide in a hot tub, spit-roasted, brought whole to the table, and then sliced open so that sausages mimicking intestines fall out.

A little pompously, Blumenthal [...]

Carrot Sheet by Ideas in Food

Ideas in Food comes us with a novel way to cook carrots:
For the longest time we would peel carrots, then cut them into shapes from brunoise to macedoine to oblique. We would place the carrots in cold water with a sugar and salt, slowly bring them up to a simmer, cook them to desired tenderness, [...]

Douglas Baldwin, A Mathematician, Cooks Sous Vide, the blog "dedicated to molecular gastronomy," interviewed Douglas Baldwin, a mathematician who's been so taken by sous vide cooking that he's devoted literally hundreds of hours of his own time researching the subject. Baldwin says:
As a scientist, I am driven by two things: an insatiable curiosity to learn everything I can about a topic [...]

Heston Blumenthal on Cooking an Entire Pig Sous-Vide

Heston Blumenthal, profiled in the Telegraph UK, shares his technique for cooking an entire pig sous-vide — using a hot tub:
For Feast, a forthcoming series due on Channel 4 early next year, Heston interprets historical banquets and cooks an entire pig in a sous-vide.
“We couldn’t find a water bath big enough so we went to [...]

Beef Tongue Wrapped Frog Leg, Sous Vide

Labeled WTF, but this could totally work. From Chadzilla.

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