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Trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War [video]

Here's the trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War, currently playing in theaters. The prequel to the 2007 film Le Grand Chef, Kimchi War follows two chefs competing in a culinary contest created to popularize kimchi outside of Korea, and was based on a graphic novel. Although the trailer speaks the universal language of food [...]

MoMA Design Store's Destination Seoul Collection

The MoMA Design Store's latest collection, Destination Seoul, features exclusive lifestyle products from Korean designers. Included in the collection are a Bird and Cloud Salt and Pepper Shakers ($38); a Sandwich Sponge ($10), a sponge designed and packaged to resemble a piece of bread; the Spoon and Chopsticks Napkin Set ($3), featuring place markings for [...]

I Hate Wine & Coffee [photograph]

Photograph taken in Seoul, South Korea. Does that mean they serve tea? [via]

Jonathon Gold on Seoul’s Noryangjin Marine Products Market

Jonathon Gold delivers his first piece for Gourmet on Seoul’s Noryangjin Marine Products Market:
A yawning structure in central Seoul, as large as several football stadiums laid end to end, it’s crammed snout-to-elbow with exotic sea creatures from every conceivable aquatic locale: acres of stingrays aligned precisely as roof tiles; gilt lengths of ribbonfish; regiments of [...]

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