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Collectible Space Cookies from 1985

Wired has a

Cooking Aboard the International Space Station

The International Space Station's "kitchen"
We always thought that astronaut food was dehydrated ice cream and things like boil-in-bag beef stroganoff, but NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus, during her four month stay aboard the International Space Station, has taken what's been called "orbital cooking" to a whole new level.
NASA posted parts of her journal that detail her [...]

A Fridge for the Space Station

Preparing for the retirement of the Space Shuttle in 2010, NASA is hurrying to make the International Space Station all sustainable, installing a "new regenerative environmental control and life support system will give the station the ability to recycle urine and the condensation that the crew breathes into the air into pure water that can [...]

$70,000 a Day to Feed an Astronaut

Frank Bruni might have spent $1,300 on dinner for four at Per Se, but he's got nothin on the space program. Michael Bauer visited NASA's kitchen at the Johnson Space Center in Houston:
...It costs $20,000 a pound to blast into outer space. Each astronaut uses about 3.5 pounds of food a day. Because weight and [...]

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