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Wine, Spilled: Cava

Photograph: estrelas
Welcome to Wine, Spilled, a weekly column in which EMD's Justine Sterling shares the myths, legends, tall tales, and short stories of the wine world, and recommends a couple bottles that won't break the bank. Today's wine: Cava
Everyone has a cause: some people fight for animal rights, others are trying to save the icecaps. [...]

Obamitas: Yes We Can Have Chocolate Cookies With the Likeness of Barack Obama

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The public option might be dead, wars continues to be waged, and ten percent unemployment persists, but at least we can console ourselves with the thought of Obamitas, the artisanal chocolate cookies out of Spain that feature the likeness of President Barack Obama. And we take no joy in telling you this, [...]

Spanish Burger King-Sponsored Soccer Jerseys Flip to Reveal the King

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As part of Burger King's sponsorship of the Spanish soccer club Getafe for the 2009/2010 season, the soccer jerseys will be emblazoned with Burger King's logo. But the jerserys have a secret: the King's face is on the inside of the shirt for those dramatic goal-scoring moments when players flip their jerserys over [...]

Attack of the Zombie Tapas in Ling Magazine

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We were recently tipped off to an article in an in-flight magazine that's a bit more risque than your usual "best tacquerias of Austin" spread. Ling, the magazine for low-cost Catalan carrier Vueling, published a May 2009 pictorial "El Ataque de las Tapas Zombies," featuring models taken to untimely ends by chorizo, baby octopus, [...]

Spanish Burger King Ad Denigrates Hindu Goddess Lakshmi

Burger King Spain is really knocking them out of the park these days — first they set off an international incident over their Texican Whopper ads with a tiny luchador wearing a Mexican flag, but that apparently wasn't enough. So some Burger Kings over in Iberia started displaying posters that show the Hindu goddess Lakshmi [...]

Burger King's Texican Whopper Commercial Offends! [video]

Burger King's commercial in Spain for the Texican Whopper, featuring a tall American cowboy and a tiny Mexican luchador, "El Cachito," wearing a cape with the colors of the Mexican flag has set off an international incident. The AP reports: "Mexico's ambassador to Spain said Monday he has written a letter to Burger King's offices [...]

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