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Splayd Data Visualization Chart

Chart via The Ragbag
The Ragbag is at it again, this time with this brilliant data visualization chart that explores the function and performance of a splayd (a knife/fork/spoon hybrid) when confronted with various foodstuffs.
He concludes: "were i to ascribe percentages i would say that the splayd is 50% fork, 40% spoon and 10% knife—which leaves [...]

Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery

The Ragbag posted this great Venn Diagram: Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery. Says The Ragbag, "half the fun of hybrid cutlery is the peculiar names."

Man-Eating Teddy Bears... from Outer Space!

Photograph by IWG
Coming in June from Rocket World come the IWG (Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo, duh) Sleepy Bear Series, each of whom comes with a satisfied, sleepy grin, knife, human skull trophy, and their very own sporks! You can rest easy knowing that when adorable alien human-eating teddy bears invade the world, at least they will [...]

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