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Brain Freeze Fish Breath on I Survived a Japanese Game Show [video]

Last night on I Survived a Japanese Game Show, one of the challenges was "Brain Freeze Fish Breath," in which the contestants had to dunk their heads into vats of ice water to pull out fish and squid with their mouths. Granted, it wasn't nearly as horrifying as last week's "Stretchy Squid Face" challenge, but [...]

Stretchy Squid Face on I Survived a Japanese Game Show [video]

The challenges on the TV show I Survived a Japanese Game Show are normally innocent if somewhat demeaning affairs, but last night's episode had an exceptionally gross challenge: "Stretchy Squid Face." The contestants had to rip off the heads and legs off of raw giant squid with their bare mouths while wearing pantyhose over their [...]

Chris Cosentino Takes on a Giant Humboldt Squid

Chris Cosentino is so totally my hero, but wow, the man just doesn't quit. Check out this photo set of Cosentino cooking a giant 30 pound squid. In his words:
Once I had this giant squid at the restaurant I was amazed at how big it really is, it really makes me not want to go [...]

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