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Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Packaging Design

Today, Starbucks introduced their VIA Ready Brew, or what they're calling "a breakthrough in instant coffee," $20 for 24 single-serve packets. What we liked most was the packaging: the box is cut out to evoke the shape of a paper coffee cup.

Fresh Roasted Cylon

The fact that this is sold out is ruining my day right now.

Online Rumors Lead Anti-Israeli Protestors to 'Smash and Loot' Starbucks Stores in London

Protesters broke away from an anti-Israel rally and "smashed and looted" two Starbucks locations in London on Saturday because of rumors on the internet claiming that Starbucks donates funds to Israel. The Telegraph UK reports:
Riot police surrounded up to 240 demonstrators in central London, many wearing scarves covering their faces, who broke away from a [...]

McDonald's Takes Digs at Starbucks

Starbucks is the latest target in the unabating recent phenomenon of hostile comparative advertising. Dunkin' Donuts is running taste test commercials against them, and now McDonald's is putting up ads declaring "Four bucks is dumb," and "Large is the new grande" — Seattle PI reports 140 billboards in Washington State, including one in sight of [...]

Regis Philbin Works as a Starbucks Barista, Condescends to Customers [video]

As part of Live with Regis and Kelly's "Do It Week," Regis Philbin went to Starbucks to train as a barista. Entering his cranky old man phase, Regis can barely contain his disdain for the picky Starbucks customers: "A grande peppermint mocha twist? You got it big boy."
Condescendingly: "You're mister professional Starbucks aren't you? Pumpkin [...]

Paul Rudd Makes Fun of Starbucks, Visits Daily Show [video]

"Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages." The Starbucks clip is from Paul Rudd's latest film, Role Models:

Starbucks Election Day Coffee Giveaway: Cheap, Effective PR

Starbucks' Election Day free coffee wasn't about goodwill or celebrating democracy—it was marketing. And it was cheap, costing around $350,000 for a single ad on Saturday Night Live. Since one in every five or six customers buy food, and figuring in the raw cost of coffee, Starbucks likely made money on the promotion. AdAge reports: [...]

The Verbal Shorthand for Starbucks Election Coffee

A new phrase has entered the election lexicon: my local Starbucks has a verbal shorthand for the free coffee they've been slinging all day:
Tall, I Voted.
Example usage: "Tall, I Voted, nonfat, with extra sugar."

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