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The Popularity of Foods on Facebook [stats]

Techcrunch reports on the top five fan pages on Facebook:
1. Barack Obama (4,544,050 fans)
2. Coca-Cola (2,286,085 fans)
3. Homer J Simpson (2,230,644 fans)
4. Nutella (2,109,429 fans)
5. Pizza (2,050,050 fans)
We looked up more food-based fan pages on Facebook:

Bacon has 79,805 fans,
durian has 31,263 fans,
Shkembe Chorba (a traditional Bulgarian tripe soup) has 4,172,
balut has 1,204 fans,
and poor [...]

Affluent Men Prefer Food To Sports [statistics]

Photo by Ulterior Epicure
A study of affluent men from American Express reveals an interesting statistic:
Affluent men pursue a variety of personal interests outside the office. Travel is their top interest, and single men declare travel as the top contributor to happiness. Nearly eight in ten surveyed males are passionate about food. Among the top [...]

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