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Colbert Clears Up Pringles Salmonella Recall

Stephen Colbert helped us figure out many things last night: what flavors are not included in the Pringles recall, what flavors are included in the Pringles recall, and why the hell anyone thought Taco Night was a good idea in the first place. Phew, we were confused! Video below.

Stephen Colbert on the Windows 7 Whopper [video]

Unclear why Stephen Colbert tackled Burger King Japan's Windows 7 Whopper last night... it's old news from October, but Colbert both tipped his hat to it and wagged his finger "for offering this burger only in Japan. America would be the perfect place for the Windows 7 Whopper. This is an appetizer in many parts [...]

Colbert on the Eggo Shortage, Calls for Obama to Open Strategic Waffle Reserves

After revealing that he keeps his secret stash of waffles inside Sarah Palin's Going Rogue, last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert reported on the worldwide shortage of Eggo waffles:

Miracle Whip to Strike Back at Stephen Colbert

Back on October 15th, Stephen Colbert mercilessly mocked the hipster Miracle Whip campaign. Today the "bold marketing team at Miracle Whip" has taken out ads in newspapers (full size) announcing that they bought commercial time during every break on his show tonight. They write:
On Thursday, November 12, we will dominate the airspace on your show. [...]

Colbert: The Future of Print Media Is Hamburgers

Forget paper! And forget iPhones or Kindles or iTablets or whatever: Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert proposed a new format that'll save printed media: fried food, or more specifically, hamburgers:
On Monday the SF Chronicle became the first general interest news daily to print on high-quality glossy paper... But I am wagging my [...]

Stephen Colbert's Solution to the Pumpkin Shortage

Last night on The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert shared his solution to the national crisis that is the pumpkin shortage. By dumping the contents of canned pumpkin onto a plate and carving into it, he creates what he calls a "Can-o-Lantern."

Colbert Tips His Hat to and Wags His Finger at Crispy Cones

Stephen Colbert tipped his hat to Crispy Cones, a portable, microwavable, and edible cone with varieties like bacon egg and cheese, caramelized apple, and pepperoni pizza. Regular, flat pizza is just so very hard to eat. But there's a problem with what he calls the "greatest food in the world." Wagging his finger: "These devil [...]

Stephen Colbert Parodies Hipster Miracle Whip Commercials [video]

Stephen Colbert has a problem with those commercials with hipsters for Miracle Whip:
Don't be so mayo? As Americans, we hold mayo near and dear to our hearts, because that's where it tends to clot. This smear campaign has miracle whipped me into a frenzy. Well I've had it with these mayo nay-sayers. Tonight I'm going [...]

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