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How to Make a Stop-Motion Cake [videos]

Photograph: illusion360
Stop-motion video is kind of turning into the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of viral videos — impossibly cute, and no matter how many of them there are, you still can't help wanting more — but this one, a promo for the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market is way more interesting than Zooey [...]

Jan Švankmajer's Stop-Motion Short Film Food [videos]

Still from Lunch.
Ready to watch something pretty weird? Famous for his stop-motion animation, Czech director Jan Švankmajer's 1992 short film Food depicts three restaurant meals and the diners who eat them. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner feature people dying and coming back to life, eating non-food items like utensils and tablecloths, and practicing cannibalism and [...]

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