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Redesigning the Super Bowl Logo in Food

The New York Times has a slideshow of designers reworking the Super Bowl logo. We liked the concept of Julia Hoffmann's food-based version, combining pizza, burgers and chicken wings:
Since Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest U.S. food consumption day, following Thanksgiving, I propose to mark this unofficial second (or for some people first) national [...]

PETA's Sexy Vegetarian Super Bowl Ad Rejected by NBC [video]

NBC has rejected a Super Bowl ad from animal rights group PETA due to its sexy vegetable nature. Part of their "Veggie Love" campaign, the ad carries the tagline, "Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex," and features various lingerie-clad women getting a little frisky with broccoli, asparagus, a pumpkin and other vegetables, going so far [...]

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