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Sushi-Making Machines Make the Perfect Gift

Is there someone on your holiday gift list who's notoriously hard to shop for? Perhaps s/he might enjoy these Japanese sushi-making machines, which are from the future! Created by the Tokyo-based corporation AUTEC, the machines are marketed towards high-volume outlets such as college cafeterias, but for a mere $10,000 to $20,000, how can you deny [...]

Food Fight: Pork Bun vs Sushi Roll Martial Arts Battle

Here are two short computer-animated videos featuring a nunchuck-wielding pork bun, "Super Baozi vs Sushi Man" and "Dragon Fist." Quote: "Super Baozi, being tired of being in Catering,is longing for developeing in Recreation. With intense enthusiasm and strong perseverance, he has learned to sing songs and to play nunchakus."

Playing Sushi Roulette for the 'Wasabi Bomb' on The Amazing Race [video]

Last night saw the premiere of season fifteen of The Amazing Race featuring a mock-Japanese game show in which the contestants had to play Sushi Roulette and be lucky enough to get to eat a "wasabi bomb," a hand roll with a truly epic amount of wasabi.

Toys from Japan: Korean Barbecue and the Sushi Train

As far as we're concerned, people in Japan have their priorities straight:  They've got robots making them food and preparing their ramen, their TV shows talk about competitive eating, and now they're getting two food-related toys that make our Easy Bake Ovens hide in shame.

Korean Barbecue is ultra-popular right now in the land of [...]

Sushi Advertising for Issey Miyake's Pleats Please Clothing Line

Japanese designer Issey Miyake's "Pleats Please" clothing line gets a savory makeover in these print ads designed by Taku Satoh Design Office. Fashion and food intersect often — see Katy Perry's sushi outfit or Betsey Johnson's kitchen-themed fashion show — but we like this particular association of the pleated fabric and the texture of [...]

Katy Perry's Sushi Outfit

Photo: AP
Here's the sushi-embroidered outfit Katy Perry wore while performing at the MTV Video Music Awards over the weekend in Japan. The dress/leotard was designed by the duo Phillipe and David Blond (aka The Blonds), who were also responsible for the Carmen Miranda fruit dress she wore at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Fake Steve Buscemi Dines at Masa, Orders Tempura Penguin

The Steve Buscemi twimpostor recently twittered: "wonders why we eat certain animals, and others we don't. Like giraffes, penguins, and beavers." So of course he's off to Masa, the famed sushi restaurant you can't afford ($300 for the chef's omakase lunch or dinner). He twitters:
eating sushi dinner at Masa. Never been. Damn hungry. Going [...]

Sushi-Themed Watercolors by Scott Campbell [Food Art]

Scott Campbell, "Sushis and the Duel", watercolor on paper, 7x5 inches
From the "Imaginary Friends" group show at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco comes some sushi-themed watercolors by Scott Campbell. They're available for purchase! [via]

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