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Cutlery Tattoos Are the New Tribal

Photograph via Consortium of Fools
Forget cupcake tattoos (No, really, can we please?). Fetishizing dining apparatus, nothing says "I'm uber-serious about what I put in my mouth" more than a cutlery tattoo. While most folks eat with forks, knives, and spoons in their hands, these people eat with them on their hands. If you're thinking [...]

Reader Objects to Chef Tattoos on the Cover of Food & Wine

In the "Letters to the Editor" section in the October 2009 issue of Food & Wine (not online), a reader disapproved of the cover of July's Best New Chefs issue that prominently displayed the sleeve tats of Vinny Dotolo and Nate Appleman:
I'll be honest and say what many might have thought when they saw the [...]

Food-Inspired Tattoos by Nick Baxter

meatcase/briefsteak by Nick Baxter. Photos reprinted with permission.
Originally fascinated by the meatcase/briefcase tattoo pictured above, I thought that’s where the post would end. But no, a scan through all the 250 tattoos on Nick Baxter's website revealed so much more.
Behold, a rotting meat orchid "ripe with decay," a tattoo called Rebirth complete with a sockeye [...]

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Tattoo

Photograph by EvilLittleBlue
This is by far the most realistic cheeseburger tattoo we've come across thus far — just take a look at those sesame seeds! We love that it lacks all condiments and stays true to the whole "meat, cheese, more meat, bacon thing." Kind of reminds us of Wendy's Baconator.

Andrew Zimmern Face Tattoo [wtf]

Ohio-based tattoo artist Ben Hatfield might just be Andrew Zimmern's number one fan. So much so that not only did he get Andrew Zimmern's face tattooed on his leg, but then to make sure he got attention for it, he mailed in pictures to Zimmern. Of course, they got together for an interview:
Zimmern: Many [...]

Tracy Morgan’s Stove Top Tattoo

Tracy Morgan, in an interview with Maxim, explains why he got tattoo in a very sensitive place:
“I have a tattoo on the side of my penis that says stove top,” Morgan tells me proudly, referring to the instant stuffing mix. “I’m pretty well-endowed. A girl told me to get that because I stuffed her up [...]

Food Lovers' Temporary Tattoos

I'm not sure if these Temporary Tattoos for Food Lovers up the badassery level of the wearer, or send it tanking. Either way, now that I've seen them, I can totally imagine Michael Pollan wailing down some rural highway on a bio-diesel hog, flying past all the local family-run farms, wearing a t-shirt that says [...]

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