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Food Network Orders a Full Season of Chopped

It was obvious when Food Network announced a casting call, but when Ted Allen blogs about it, it makes it official: Food Network has ordered a full season of Chopped. 26 episodes, slated to air during the summer. That's a big leap of faith after the initial run of five episodes. Suck it Bravo!

Product Placement in Chopped [scandal]

Ted Allen, when he got all defensive and claimed that Chopped wasn't a rip-off of Top Chef, wrote on his blog:
There also is a culinary straightforwardness about [Chopped] that I find really satisfying, and particularly appropriate for a company called Food Network... Best of all, there is no product placement.
Admittedly, this was the only instance [...]

Review: The Premiere Episode of Food Network's Chopped [video]

We were wrong — Chopped isn't just a ripoff of Top Chef — it's a cheap, maddening ripoff of Top Chef. We can only imagine the producers sitting in a room, trying to come up with enough subtle modifications so that it wouldn't be an exact ripoff of the established hit show. Ted Allen, as [...]

Ted Allen Claims Chopped Isn't a Ripoff of Top Chef

Responding to criticism right here that Chopped is a ripoff of Top Chef, Ted Allen gets all defensive on his blog, claiming that the show "has actually been percolating at Food Network for a few years." He starts out his post funny and sarcastic: "just because there are already 37 cooking-competition shows on TV doesn’t [...]

Promo for Chopped, Food Network's Ripoff of Top Chef [video]

Food Network aired a commercial for Chopped, a new reality show coming in January — what they're calling "a new kind of weekly competition," where "talented chefs face off in a whole new way." Right.
Ted Allen is the show's host, which now makes a lot more sense as to why he's not on Top [...]

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