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What Would Brian Boitano Make Picked Up for Another Season

If your idea of a cooking show is a flamboyant gold medal-winning Olympian figure skater preparing a series of dishes for the likes of an all-female roller derby crew, you're in luck! After a four-episode long first season, according to Brian Boitano's website, What Would Brian Boitano Make got picked up by the Food [...]

Jay Leno Parodies Gordon Ramsay

In this video clip "Other Shows Pitched to Jay: Jay's Kitchen," Jay Leno does a super-angry Gordon Ramsay impression, burning some poor cook's hands. His British accent, however, could use some work, sounding more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than anything.

Bravo's Sleazy Top Chef Reunion Dinner with Fabio Viviani

For the Top Chef "Reunion Dinner," Fabio Viviani was enlisted as the host of an awkward dinner party, assigned to elicit some Real Housewives of New Jersey-esque table-flipping ratings-bait drama — the network even promoted it as such, calling the preview clip "Angry Dinner." Fabio, however, as a pseudo-villain felt scripted and forced (the goatee [...]

Conan: Luring a Celebrity With a Birthday Cake

Last night on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Conan tried to lure celebrities on their birthdays (Michael Dukakis, Adam Ant, and/or action movie star Dolph Lundgren) with a birthday cake. When they go for the cake, a box drops, trapping them inside. Bizarre:

Linguistics With Guy Fieri on The Late Show with David Letterman

Last night David Letterman prodded Guy Fieri about his vernacular in this funny yet confusing exchange:
Letterman: If something is "downtown," is that better than "money"?
Fieri: I actually have to get the dictionary in Flavortown to get the rundown on that. I think "downtown" is actually on its way to "money."
Letterman: Really? So "downtown" would be [...]

Masterchef With Gordon Ramsay Coming to the US

Fox announced it's going to be developing an American version of the television series Masterchef with Gordon Ramsay, a sort of American Idol cooking show, in which amateurs compete to become the, er, "Master Chef" Variety reports. This follows the recent news that Gordon Ramsay won't be doing any more episodes of Kitchen Nightmares because [...]

Larry David Protests Tipping on Top of a Mandatory Gratuity

In the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David's out to lunch at the country club and decides that he isn't going to leave an additional tip on top of the mandatory gratuity: "It's an 18% tip included. And then they have a space for an additional tip. What I have to start [...]

Stephen Colbert's Solution to the Pumpkin Shortage

Last night on The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert shared his solution to the national crisis that is the pumpkin shortage. By dumping the contents of canned pumpkin onto a plate and carving into it, he creates what he calls a "Can-o-Lantern."

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