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Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Drive the $25,000 Cupcake Cars [video]

We'll admit we're a little jealous: Neiman Marcus brought two of their $25,000 cupcake cars to the Today Show. Bizarrely, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb stay in the cars and wear matching hats for the entire segment while the rep from Neiman Marcus shows off gifts from their catalog.

Hell's Kitchen Season Six Winner: Dave Levey

Last night was the Hell's Kitchen season six finale, and the winner was Dave Levey (originally from Chester, New Jersey, living in San Diego, California). The prize: a one-year position of "head chef" at the Araxi restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia. The celebrated locavore restaurant is close to Vancouver and the 2010 Olympics that start [...]

Larry David Teaches Christian Slater the Unwritten Rules of Hors D'Oeuvres Consumption [video]

From last night's Curb Your Enthusiasm: At a party, Larry David spots Christian Slater, who, considering his career lately, is indulging a little too heavily in the caviar. As Slater goes over his "allotment," Larry David tells him: "We have unwritten laws in our society... You take a little bit, and then you step away [...]

Guy Fieri Parody on Saturday Night Live: 'Cooking Al Fresco' [video]

Bobby Moynihan's parody of Guy Fieri in which he mugs and shouts at the camera was the highlight of last night's Saturday Night Live. In the “Cooking Al Fresco” segment, birds dive-bomb the TV chefs for bread and dip it in marinara sauce ("they're foodies!" Andy Samberg yells). Ultimately the birds turn on Guy Fieri, [...]

Alton Brown Makes a Smoothie Using a Water Cooler and a Fire Extinguisher on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [video]

Last night Alton Brown visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and went all Mad Scientist, going to some extreme lengths to make a smoothie. He hooks up a 25 lb. CO2 fire extinguisher with a water cooler just to freeze some berries: "It's gonna be a mess. I asked for them to provide ponchos. They [...]

Stephen Colbert Tips His Hat to the Louvre for Installing a McDonald's [video]

In the segment "Tip of the Hat / Wag of the Finger" Stephen Colbert tipped his hat to the Louvre for embracing American culture and installing a McDonald's:
McDonald's will fit perfectly with the French culture, because after all, what is a French mime but a mute, humorless Ronald McDonald? And if that's not enough to [...]

South Park: Billy Mays' Chipotlaway [video]

Last night's mid-season premiere of South Park took on the recently-deceased infomercial pitchman Billy Mays with an infomercial for Chipotlaway, a product designed to clean the blood stains out of underwear caused by Chipotle's "fiery" burritos:

Little Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen [video]

Felix Light, the nine-year old who played "Little Gordon Ramsay" in the hugely popular series of commercials spoofing Ramsay's tirades, finally got to terrorize contestants last night on Hell's Kitchen. The segment was so very short — sort of a missed opportunity as the original commercials were more elaborate and thought-out, but hey, he got [...]

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