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Trash to Treasure: The Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas

Photograph: Kyle John Schmidt
The Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas is exactly what it sounds like: a three-story structure built out of everything and the kitchen sink. Vince Hanneman started building the Cathedral in his backyard 22 years ago, and since then has utilized refrigerators, ovens, cutlery and bundt pans to expand it to epic [...]

Tamales for Christmas: A Texas Holiday Tradition

Photograph by machoroboraza.
I've always been vaguely aware of the Christmas tamale tradition, but it wasn't until I moved to Texas three years ago that I realized what a huge deal tamales are around the holidays. Stores stock mountains of corn husks and pallets of pre-made masa, the corn-based dough that forms the bulk of the [...]

Pie for Life from Royers Round Top Cafe Featured on CBS Sunday Morning [video]

This morning, the pie for life plan — in which Royers Cafe in Round Top, Texas sends you a pie, every month, for the rest of your life — was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning show. Says Bud "the Pie Man" Royer about the recipe: "Not my grandma's. So it is a family recipe, [...]

Canstruction Austin 2009 [can sculptures, food art]

Left: "Drive Smart for Hunger." Right: "Raising Awareness on Hunger." Photograph: Ryan Adams / Eat Me Daily
Here are photographs from the 2009 Austin, Texas edition of Canstruction, the annual charity competition held in cities throughout North America, collecting millions of pounds of food for local food banks.

Coasters Detect Drinks Spiked With Date-Rape Drugs

View larger.
Well, this is depressing: enough people are putting date rape drugs into the drinks of unsuspecting women that an entire preventative industry had grown around the phenomenon. Drink Safe Texas is a company that produces coasters and test strips that will let you know if your drink has been spiked with either GHB or [...]

Deep-Fried Butter Balls at the Texas State Fair

Paula Deen's deep-fried butter balls.Photo via

The Dallas Morning News shares news about the contenders at the Texas State Fair's Big Tex Choice Awards that showcases the new foods at this year's fair, one of which includes deep-fried butter. Golf ball-size scoops of pure butter injected with different flavors, wrapped in dough, and then deep-fried.*
The [...]

Pie for Life! One Pie, Every Month, For the Rest of Your Life: Royers Cafe in Round Top, Texas

Pecan pie at Royers Cafe. Photo: Paula Forbes
Forget the pie-of-the-month clubs. That's amateur hour. It's only twelve pies! Where's the commitment? Twelve months pass, and you're done. If you're a serious lover of pie, there's only once choice: pie for life. No joke: Royers Cafe in Round Top, Texas will send you a pie, every [...]

Paintings of Food in Austin by Kaci Beeler [food art]

Kaci Beeler, "Enchiladas from Chuy's" 10"x 10" oil on canvas. Photo by permission.
Freelance artist and actor Kaci Beeler created a series of food paintings in Spring 2009 based on all her favorite and “most delicious” Austin, Texas food finds. Beeler worked off photographs of her favorite meals to create the series of 10x10" oil paintings. [...]

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