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Science Supersized Your Turkey Dinner

Wired runs a piece on the scientific modification of our Thanksgiving dinner, focusing on the sugar levels of corn and the size of turkeys:
Most everything on your plate has undergone tremendous genetic change under the intense selective pressures of industrial farming. Pilgrims and American Indians ate foods called corn and turkey, but the actual organisms [...]

Taking the Fun Out of Thanksgiving: Vegetarian Main Course Imitation Meat [sadness]

We understand if you're a vegetarian, but seriously, you're better off just making and eating a bunch of awesome sides than eating imitation meat on Thanksgiving. So begins our roundup of vegetarian Thanksgiving main course sadness:
Field Roast Stuffed Celebration Roast

The Field Roast Stuffed Celebration Roast, a "charcuterie styled stuffed grain meat roast with a sausage [...]

Screw the Turducken, Have a Lampgeefison

Patrick Borrelli weighs in on the Thanksgiving classics:
As for turduckens, no, I have not had one. I have had the lesser known lampigeefison, which is Lamb+Pig+Beef+Venison. It’s an absolutely beautiful looking dish. This is going to sound like I’m joking, but I’m not. When you put a lampigeefison in the oven it looks like an [...]

Produce Pete with Steve Carell: Thanksgiving

Deep-Frying Turkeys, Ten at a Time

Beer and Nosh, deep-frying ten turkeys at a time:
All of the turkeys are injected with spices, then fried for about 55 minutes. They had just come out of the fryer and you could hear the skin still crackling on the street.
Fun Fact: it takes over fifty gallons of peanut oil to fry ten [...]

Chris Cosentino's Insanely Graphic Turkey Slaughter Photo Gallery

Chris Cosentino posts an insanely graphic photo gallery of a turkey slaughter:
Every year for Thanksgiving people are getting ready to sit down to eat turkey. Today I was able for the second year in a row, help with the 4-H heritage breed turkey slaughter. What an amazing experience, this was attended by full families young [...]

How Turkeys Breed

Slate runs a piece on how farmers produce so many birds for Thanksgiving:
With a little help from their human friends. The vast majority of turkeys sold in the United States are of the white broad-breasted variety. These birds have been bred to produce as much white breast meat as possible, resulting in males so large [...]

Taking the Fun Out of Thanksgiving, With a Vegetarian Tofu Loaf

This just made us so very sad. We understand if you're a vegetarian, but seriously, you're better off just making and eating a bunch of awesome sides than eating this sorry-looking vegetarian tofu loaf.

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