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The Honeycomb Hideout Commercials for Honeycomb Cereal, 1974-2006 [videos]

Commercials from the 80s, especially commercials for children, tended to be a little insane. Take, for example, the Honeycomb Hideout commercials for Honeycomb cereal. Each commercial goes like this: a bunch of children (and in the later commercials, a cereal robot) are hanging out in a shack in the woods. All of a sudden, some [...]

'I Eat Cannibals' Music Video by Toto Coelo

Here's the music video for the song "I Eat Cannibals" by Toto Coelo (renamed Total Coelo in the U.S.), the 1980s British one-hit wonder New Wave group, that reached #8 in the UK. It's a perfect example of what constituted a music video back in 1982: the bad lip-syncing, unsophisticated and unimaginative choreography, and the [...]

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