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Season Finale of The Chopping Block [video]

Here's the season finale of Marco Pierre White's ill-fated show The Chopping Block — can you guess who won? Does anyone even care? Just as difficult to watch as any of the other episodes, something felt particularly off with the finale, as if they hadn't finished editing it — the tone and the pace were [...]

The Chopping Block with Danyelle Freeman as Guest Critic [video]

We interrupt our tropical island hiatus to bring you a moment of OMFGWTF.
Here's the episode seven of Marco Pierre White's ill-fated show The Chopping Block, with (ZOMG) Danyelle Freeman (aka Restaurant Girl) as the guest critic, wearing at first a ridiculously situation-inappropriate strapless cocktail dress, and then a ridiculously situation-inappropriate spaghetti-strap cocktail dress. (Confidential to [...]

Mario Batali on The Chopping Block [video]

We watched the latest episode of The Chopping Block online — teams had to serve an Italian-themed lunch for some discerning diners including Mario Batali and actors from The Sopranos. Of course, it was a train-wreck as usual. The guest critic was Colman Andrews, co-founder of Saveur and the current restaurant columnist for Gourmet, [...]

A Note to Shoes For Crews: The Chopping Block Got Cancelled

Shoes for Crews is running some contextual ads via Google AdSense on our posts about The Chopping Block, since they're "the premier chefs' footwear as seen on the NBC restaurant reality TV series The Chopping Block."
We gleaned some information from the show-specific page, probably more than anyone needs to know at this point: "Shoes For [...]

NBC Running Unaired The Chopping Block Episodes Online

NBC might have stopped airing The Chopping Block, but it looks like they're going to run the episodes online — last week's unaired episode is on Hulu and also on NBC's website. We watched most of the episode, and it's pretty uneventful, ie, just as bad as previous episodes.
Highlights of the episode include Marco Pierre [...]

New York Times Backtracks on The Chopping Block

As a sort of post mortem on The Chopping Block, The New York Times' Alessandra Stanley goes into the reasons why the show failed with viewers and ultimately was yanked off the air. Unfortunately, it's an infuriatingly different evaluation than the one found in her original review of the show.
In the post mortem, Stanley explains [...]

NBC Yanks The Chopping Block Off the Air

After three terrible and badly-rated episodes, NBC is pulling The Chopping Block from primetime. (Episode three averaged a positively dreadful 2.6 million viewers up against a two-hour American Idol.)
We were down on the show from the beginning: In our review we called it a "painful to watch" "sloppily-executed crudely-edited mess." The contestants were barely [...]

Fox Orders More Kitchen Nightmares, The Chopping Block Getting Trounced

Gordon Ramsay finally gets some good news: Fox has ordered yet another season of Kitchen Nightmares and is expected to announce that Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen will return for another season this summer. reports: "Rather than continuing to parcel out the show one season per year, Fox will take the unprecedented step of airing [...]

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