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Jon Stewart on Lab-Grown Meat

First equating it with the invention of fire or space travel, when Jon Stewart finds out where lab-grown meat actually comes from, he changes his mind a bit: "Yes, to be clear, the meat, while totally great, is not yet good enough for sausage. It is five years away from being anus-grade pork. God knows [...]

Jon Stewart's Solution to Magazine Woes: Consolidation

In light of the recent closings of Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, Cookie, and Gourmet magazines, last night on The Daily Show Jon Stewart proposed a solution to the print industry's woes: Consolidation:
Obviously my first thought was sad news for the staffs of those magazines, but my second thought was what's going to happen [...]

The Daily Show on Oscar Mayer's Memorial [video]

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, back from a week-long break:
The story that burned me the most while I was on my break was our culture's continued fascination — yay, exploitation — of celebrities, even after their death. I'm talking about the non-stop coverage of the death of a legend, Oscar Mayer III, [...]

Food Inc Director Robert Kenner on The Daily Show [video]

Last Thursday Robert Kenner was on The Daily Show to promote his film Food Inc. It's mainly standard talking points, but Jon Stewart couldn't help but break out the pancake and sausage on a stick: "What if everything we ate was on a stick? And that the stick was somewhat indistinguishable from whatever it was [...]

The Daily Show: White House Garden Can Cause Starvation, Obesity and Cancer [video]

Last night The Daily Show ran a segment "Little Crop of Horrors" tackling the ridiculous response by Big Ag to the White House garden, saying that "this seemingly harmless 20 by 50 foot token gesture has created a firestorm." Samantha Bee interviews policy wonk Jeff Stier, Associate Director of the American Council on Science and [...]

Arianna Huffington's Advice on the Daily Show: Blog Your Secret Passion (Hers Is Cheese)

Arianna Huffington on The Daily Show, promoting her book The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, offered some advice: "Blog your obvious passions, and blog your secret passions. My secret passion is cheese." It sounds like Jon Stewart is going to start an eggplant blog.

Produce Pete with Steve Carell: Thanksgiving

Paul Rudd Makes Fun of Starbucks, Visits Daily Show [video]

"Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages." The Starbucks clip is from Paul Rudd's latest film, Role Models:

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