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Because Cookies That Don't Augment Reality Are Boring [the future is now]

Photograph: Mike Clare
Industrial Designer Mike Clare likes to scare old people with the neato space-age technology we have these days, so he created cookies that, when held up to a webcam, pop out with a crazy 3D shape. The cookies are modeled after black-and-white augmented reality markers that do stuff when you take a [...]

Kitchen of the Future, 2010 [videos]

Still via Yanko Design
This Kitchen of the Future that designer Michaël Harboun envisions is definitely way cooler than that spinning refrigerator imagined by designers in the 1950s. Harboun has created a design for a kitchen with elastic walls that can turn into whatever you need in order to cook a dish, from a faucet to [...]

Slim Chips Flavored Paper Snacks

More from Milan Design Week: designer Hafsteinn Juliusson introduced a calorie-free snack food made out of flavored paper. The chips, which come in peppermint, blueberry and sweet potato, are, of course, organic. The bag reads: "Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with flavor. It's like eating tasty air." Welcome to the future, [...]

Adult Mario: The Super Mario Bros. Emulator That Mixes Drinks Based on In-Game Performance

Alcohol, 8-bit Mario, and vibrators? Adult Mario is a cocktail robotics project for Roboexotica 2009 in Vienna by Nonpolynomial Labs that uses an emulated Super Mario Bros. NES game hooked up to a drink pouring mechanism. Kill an enemy, vodka pours in your cup. Get a coin, and coke gets poured. Whenever you die, the [...]

Jon Stewart on Lab-Grown Meat

First equating it with the invention of fire or space travel, when Jon Stewart finds out where lab-grown meat actually comes from, he changes his mind a bit: "Yes, to be clear, the meat, while totally great, is not yet good enough for sausage. It is five years away from being anus-grade pork. God knows [...]

Scientists Bioengineer Pork Meat in a Laboratory

Source image by Kent Wang.
Backed by a sausage manufacturer and the Dutch government, scientists in the Netherlands have successfully grown artificial pork meat in the laboratory for the first time, reports the Times Online. Using cells extracted from the muscles of a live pig, which were then incubated in a nutrient-rich solution, the cells were [...]

Translate Foreign Menus With the Amazing iPhone PicTranslator [the future is now]

PicTranslator is an astonishing new iPhone app that turns the camera into a point-and-shoot translator. Take a photo and the app will automatically recognize text, translate it, and even read the text in the pictures out loud. It's like something out of the future! The app costs only 99 cents, and you can also purchase [...]

The Speak n' Brew: The Talking Coffee Maker [video]

Ever wished you could talk to your kitchen appliances? Me neither, but now you can! Primula has released the Speak n’ Brew, a talking coffeemaker that rivals Rosie from The Jetsons. It couldn’t be more unnecessary, but yet somehow it appeals to the robot-loving 80s kid inside all of us.
With the bold claim that "Getting [...]

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