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Coneinn's Pizza in a Cone

At the Fancy Food Show, we couldn't help but be impressed by the display for pizza in a cone by Coneinn, that pronounces itself to be "a new way of eating." If we are to believe Coneinn, the future is now, and it is cone-shaped.
Based out of Spain, the land of pizza experts, Coneinn's got [...]

'Food and the Future of it' by Matt Brown [food art]

"Egg printer," Matt Brown. Photo by permission.

"Egg printer," Matt Brown. Photo by permission.
In Matt Brown's "Food and the Future of it," his final project for his masters in Interaction Design at the Umea Institute of Design in Umea, Sweden, he envisions that the food from the year 2040 would be synthetic and programmatic, made using [...]

Japanese Robo-Chefs to Feed, Replace Us All [video]

Here are some videos from Tokyo's International Food Machinery and Technology Expo from last week. Watch a robot enthusiastically make "okonomiyaki" aka Japanese pancakes! The creepy artificial human hand serving sushi! The robot slicing cucumbers faster than any human could ever reasonably and safely slice! The Roomba-like table-topped robot that serve drinks and take orders [...]

Transgenic Salmon Close to FDA Approval [science!]

Genetically-engineered Atlantic salmon from a company called Aqua Bounty Technologies are on the brink of getting U.S. FDA approval. The fish of the future have finally arrived! Canada's Globe and Mail reports:
Tweaked with genetic material from chinook salmon and an eel-like creature called an ocean pout, it reaches market size twice as fast as normal [...]

What's That Taste in My Mouth? THE FUTURE [video]

This commercial for Carlton Natural Blonde Beer is by far one of the most awesome things we've seen in a while (and trust us, we see a lot). According to the commercial, the Australian future includes levitation suits with a laser-beam attachment for your hands, pogo running gear, friendly robot handshakes, and praying to a [...]

The Future of Food: Bioengineered Frankenfood

In the "I think I'll have a salad for lunch, thanks" section of Portfolio, there are two articles covering the creepy future of meat science. The first is basically a summation of what agricultural Prince of Darkness Monsanto and company is up to these days:
In January, the Food and Drug Administration paved the way for [...]

FDA Approves Drugs Made from Genetically Engineered Goats' Milk [science!]

The New York Times reports that the FDA has cleared for human consumption a drug produced by livestock that have been genetically modified with a human gene.
The drug, meant to prevent fatal blood clots in people with a rare condition, is a human protein extracted from the milk of genetically engineered goats.
At the [...]

The Chicken Tracker from Murray's Chicken

So we were at the grocery store this weekend, and came across a Murray's Chicken with a sticker on it with a Farm Verification code, offering to let us "find out where this chicken came from and learn more about the family that raised it."
It's a chicken tracker. Incredible.
It even hooks into the Google Maps [...]

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