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The Girls Next Door, Challenged by Fine Dining [video]

We've only recently been watching The Girls Next Door, especially after seeing the girls have Jaques Torres mold their naughty body parts out of chocolate. The most recent episode had the group pay a visit to Barbi's house in Aspen, an old flame of Hugh Hefner's. Unfortunately, the girls couldn't handle the fine dining options. [...]

Jacques Torres Molds Naughty Body Parts Out of Chocolate for The Girls Next Door [video]

We have no idea how Jacques Torres, the master chocolatier, got roped into this, but there he is, participating in an episode of The Girls Next Door (this originally aired in October, but oh boy, we're just getting to it now). Holly, Bridget, and Kendra figure that an appropriate present for Hugh Hefner's 82nd birthday [...]

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