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The New Yorker 2009 Food Issue, ADHD Edition

The November 23rd, 2009 issue of the New Yorker is dedicated to all things food, and it's full of big names (Heston Blumenthal! Mimi Sheraton!), trendy food (Poutine!), and a gigantic dissection of what cookbooks mean from Adam Gopnick. Below, we let you know what is (and isn't) worth your time.

John Colapinto takes Manhattan [...]

Food Writing in Magazines Is Alive and Well

Devastated over the death of Gourmet? So are we, but we're not ones to sit around crying: there's still plenty of fantastic food writing and photography out there. Whether it's an entire magazine dedicated to food or an occasional feature in a general interest title, once we put together this list, it became clear that [...]

The New Yorker's Three-Part Cover 'The Food Chain'

Oct 12, 2009 The New Yorker cover: "Food Chain." View larger.
The October 12th issue of The New Yorker, "The Money Issue," features a three-part cover coalescing into a narrative — a triptych if you will — serving as commentary on how the rich are faring these days. Illustrated by Dan Clowes, Zohar Lazar, and [...]

Susan Orlean is Like a Crazy Cat Lady, but With Chickens

In the latest issue of The New Yorker, there's an article by Susan Orlean on chickens, and a related video in which she takes you on a tour of her house in the Hudson Valley and discusses her love of chickens.
Orlean was going to get, you know, "a horse, or a donkey," but then [...]

The Eat Me Daily Fall 2009 Non-Cookbook Preview

While fall truly belongs to the cookbooks, there's still a large selection on deck for the food lovers who are less than kitchen inclined. Along with anthologies from The New York Times (Eat, Memory) and The New Yorker (Secret Ingredients) finally arriving in paperback form, there are numerous reissues of old greats, doorstopper tomes perfect [...]

New Yorker Cover Art of Times Square Street Vendor

This week's cover of the New Yorker (see larger version) was "finger-painted" by artist Jorge Colombo using the Brushes application on the iPhone.
Folks at the New Yorker liked it so much that they're going to be posting a new drawing each week by Colombo. There's even a time-lapse video showing the process behind it (after [...]

Woody Allen's Short Story 'Tails of Manhattan' from The New Yorker

Woody Allen penned a short story "Tails of Manhattan" for The New Yorker, where two men are reincarnated as lobsters, only to be caught off the coast of Maine and transported to a tank in a posh Upper East Side seafood restaurant:
Moscowitz did not like his new condition at all. Why should a decent citizen [...]

Culinary-Themed Protests in Iceland

Two pieces showed up last week about Iceland's economic boom and bust: one for Vanity Fair by Michael Lewis, the lengthier and more thorough piece — the other by Ian Parker for the The New Yorker that told us about the culinary-themed protests going on. At a protest outside Iceland's Central Bank:
Someone threw an egg [...]

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