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The Onion on Food Safety

The Onion files a damning piece on the state of food safety today titled "FDA Approves Salmonella," a parody reporting that the Food and Drug Administration "approved the enterobacteria salmonella for human consumption." The photoshop job of FDA director Stephen Sundlof holding up a plastic bag of salmonella is genius.

Bacon-Infused Vodka from the Onion's AV Club

The Onion's AV Club does their weekly Taste Test, so we don't have to. This week they try home-made bacon-infused vodka: "There's really no need to dirty up such a clean-tasting cocktail with the brackish essence of salty meat."

'The Onion': Winner Didn't Even Know It Was Pie-Eating Contest

From The Onion's photo series, Food & Dining: News in Photos.

'I'm Gonna Grout My Tub With This'

The Onion's AV Club taste tests canned bread, canned cheese, and pickled sausage.

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