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Belly Dragging for Pizza on The Sarah Silverman Program [video]

The Sarah Silverman Program is on fire! Not only did the latest episode include Sarah's housekeeper doing a Chris Farley/SNL/Matt Foley impression, a Mario Kart-esque go-kart race to decide who gets to adopt Sarah's baby, Andy Richter as a potential adoptive parent, but the episode featured Dick Van Dyke as an obstetrician who had his [...]

'Dry Sheets, Ice Cream, Jelly Beans,' Song from The Sarah Silverman Program [video]

Sarah Silverman had a bedwetting problem and finds a pre-teen soulmate at the grocery store.

'The Sarah Silverman Program': The Hamsterwheel of Necessity [video]

The Sarah Silverman Program is back! They're calling it season 2B—season 2 was cut short due to the writers' strike.
In the first episode, walking around the grocery store, stoned, Sarah Silverman comes across an insidious plot: "The same people that make toilet paper and diarrhea medicine also makes fat-free Nifty Chips, which everyone knows causes [...]

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