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Marge Simpson in Playboy: Semi-Naked, With Doughnuts

What can we say? What better way for The Simpsons to get some attention than by having Marge Simpson be a centerfold in Playboy magazine? Here's an image from the spread, fulfilling many a man's dream (or at least Homer's): a plate full of doughnuts, Duff beer out of a champagne glass, a bear rug, [...]

Matt Groening's Drawing of Ferran Adrià for the Cover of elBulli: Food for Thought, Thought for Food

Photograph via
Wallpaper* magazine has a writeup and nice slideshow of elBulli: Food for Thought: Thought for Food (preorder on Amazon).
The book looks more or less like the recent A Day at El Bulli (read our review), right down to the iconography listing. But what got us was the cover: Ferran Adrià's mug illustrated by [...]

Faces from The Simpsons Made With Food [video]

Here's the opener from the most recent episode of The Simpsons, the ever-changing segment Simpsons couch gag, reworked with plates composed as the Simpsons faces: Homer as a salad, Lisa as a soup, Marge as spaghetti and meatballs, Bart as a rib-eye steak, and Maggie as an after-dinner mint.

Simpsons Couch Toys at Burger King

At Burger King.

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