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The Soup Imagines the Ultimate Reality Show: 'Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking'

Mocking TLC's reality shows (ostensibly "The Learning Channel"), The Soup imagines the "ultimate in fringe reality programming," a mashup with huge ratings potential: "Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking."

The Soup: The New Fall Lineup of Fat Reality Shows [video]

In this video from the latest episode of The Soup, Joel McHale brings to light the paradox of food reality and weight-loss reality shows. He says: "Most reality shows seem to be either cooking shows or weight loss competitions. It's as though networks are trying to make people fatter just so they can exploit [...]

Chicken Tetrazzini Seduces! [video]

Here's a video clip from The Soup running a clip from The Maury Povich Show: A woman suspected her best friend of seducing her man, and of course, there was food involved.
Quote: "I don't know what she do with that Chicken Tetrazzini." Brilliant.

Stains the Dog Finally Gets Some Cupcakes on the Soup Awards [video]

The almost disturbingly well-trained dog, Stains, became an instant celebrity when The Soup featured his self-restraint when confronted with a plate of cupcakes: instead of gobbling them down, he seemed to enter a hypnotic trance.
This weekend he made an appearance on The Soup Awards 2009 to accept the award for "Best Entertainer," and thanks to [...]

Stains, the Poor Dog That Wants Cupcakes, Stares [video]

The Soup featured a clip from the reality show It's Me or The Dog where a cruel trainer tries to tempt a poor dog with cupcakes. But the training was effective! All the dog can do is stare. Says Joel McHale:
Realizing resistance was futile, Stains went to his special place visualizing a world where dogs [...]

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