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This Week in Eat Me Daily: Brains, Beard and Women, Oysters, Waffle Art

Photograph of the Green Pirate Juice Truck

The theme of this year's James Beard awards gala is "Women in Food," which means they're honoring the girls in the kitchen by letting them cook for the rest of the guests, but all in all, there are only 16 women represented in a total of 96 nominees — [...]

This Week in Eat Me Daily: Offal, Wife Swap, IACP, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Beef, etc etc

"We Can Has A.L.F.?" Casey Weldon, acrylic on wood. From the Idiot Box show at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight in Los Angeles

We were down on the IACP cookbook awards, writing about how "the organization picked the wrong winners, and why that bodes poorly for the future of book publishing."
We started a new regular feature: Offal [...]

This Week in Eat Me Daily: Eat Love, Appalachia, Swindled, Chicken Snuff Videos, etc etc

Clark V. Fox, '200 Nafta Oranges' (detail), 2003-2008 Oil on canvas, 8" x 10" each. Currently on display at the CUE Art Foundation in New York City.

We reviewed Bee Wilson's Swindled, calling it "prophetic journalism" and a "must read."
We ran the final installment of our Appalachia series, a forecast of the future of old school [...]

This Week in Eat me daily: Appalachia, Book Award Predictions, Martha, Space Tortillas, etc etc

'The Birds," Corey Arnold, currently showing at the Sara Tecchia Roma gallery in New York City.

We ran the latest in our Eating Appalachia series, Food Festivals With Bite. Can't beat the first line: "To truly get jiggy with the more esoteric aspects of Appalachian cuisine, you can't do much better than the region's myriad food [...]

This Week in Eat me daily: Tacos, Waters, Mac Snack Wrap, Flavor Bible, Fried Squirrel, etc etc

Marilyn Minter, '100 Food Porn #8,' 1990

We compared ten tacquerias in our Great Austin Taco Tasting.
We took a close look at the Alice Waters segment on 60 Minutes, calling it "a missed opportunity."
We were baffled by McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap: A Big Mac Inside a Flour Tortilla.
We reviewed The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and [...]

This Week in Eat me daily: Marco Pierre White, This Is Why You're Fat, Appalachia, Food Art, etc etc

"Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles in Space," Kenny Scharf, 2008, oil on linen

We asked (and answered) a fundamental question: Who the Hell Is Marco Pierre White?
And then we reviewed The Chopping Block, calling it "a sloppily-executed crudely-edited mess" that "stinks of artifice and deceit."
We broke the news that the people behind This Is Why You're Fat [...]

This Week in Eat me daily: McGangBang, Waters, Ducasse, Bacon Explosion Book Deal

We examined the Marian Burros piece in Gourmet about Alice Waters' political flailings, calling it "a whitewashed, oral-history piece of semi-journalism, hard to parse, composed almost entirely of quotes and paraphrases from Waters herself."
We chronicled the history of the McGangBang, a sandwich made by combining a double cheeseburger and a McChicken sandwich, saying that [...]

This Week in Eat me daily: Zimmern Tattoo, South Park, Little Gordon Ramsay, etc etc

Meat market in Greece, photograph by Nicky "B"

We loved the South Park commercial that parodied Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' ad campaign.
We were excited when we found out that Little Gordon Ramsay will terrorize contestants on Hell's Kitchen.
We were confused why anyone would get Andrew Zimmern's face tattoed on their body.
We posted a video from the pilot [...]

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