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30 Rock: The Bar Where the Waiters Are Dressed Like Ninjas [video]

Last night's 30 Rock continued its skewering of New York City dining by visiting "that bar where the waiters are dressed like ninjas." (Last month 30 Rock made fun of Serendipity's $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae.)
Ninja New York, you might recall, is actually a ninja-themed restaurant in TriBeCa that received a zero-star takedown review from [...]

Shut Up, Restaurant Girl

Landing Tina Fey for her book that will sell, generously, seven copies? Danyelle Freeman has completely dislocated herself from reality.
We couldn't come to a consensus as to whether or not she's fucking with us with the blatant misspelling on her Twitter bio: "You're guide too the perfect dish." That can't be real, right?
Update: We were [...]

30 Rock: John Hamm Loves to Bake [video]

In last night's 30 Rock, John Hamm guest-starred as Tina Fey's neighbor and love interest, Dr. Andrew Baird, a recently-divorced, ice-cream-making pediatrician golfer ("so you know he's not gay or poor") with good taste in movies. When Tina Fey shows up at his door to deliver some misdirected mail, he apologizes, saying, "Sorry, I smell [...]

Tina Fey Twitters About the Difficulty of Digesting Corn

There's no way to know if this is the real Tina Fey, but it sounds like her. There she is, twittering about her masticatory work ethic and the ensuing digestive results: "I don't know why I even bother chewing corn anymore."

Tina Fey, Like Liz Lemon, Loves Cupcakes

Vanity Fair interviews Tina Fey, which — alongside the expected (deserved) deification — confirms that the real Tina loves food just as much as her Liz Lemon alter ego:
Her true vice is cupcakes. I’ve brought her a box, one frosted with the face of Sarah Palin. She chooses that one, which is bigger, joking that [...]

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