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TMZ Compares Susan Boyle to Julia Child

Without epic celebrity deaths to cover, TMZ is back to its regular celebrity grind (fisticuffs, nudity, DWIs, what have you), but when they post a "this person looks like that person" — saying that British fameball Susan Boyle looks like Julia Child "back in the day" — you know they're just hurting for content. [...]

Slap Chop Auto-Tune Remix on Television [video]

The internet phenomenon that is "Slap Chop Rap" — the auto-tuned remix video of the Slap Chop infomercial by DJ Steve Porter that's gotten an astounding 3.7 million views — has made the big time, airing on television. TMZ reports that the remix "hit the airwaves as a bona fide infomercial," and while we can't [...]

Guy Fieri Shows No Love for T.G.I. Friday's

TMZ caught Guy Fieri going to dinner in Beverly Hills and managed to get a quick "interview". When asked if he eats at his corporate sponsor, TGI Friday's, his answer was simply "I'm a Food Network chef. I just do commercials for Friday's."
"I thought you always eat at Friday's."
"No, I'm a Food Network chef. I [...]

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