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Bravo's Sleazy Top Chef Reunion Dinner with Fabio Viviani

For the Top Chef "Reunion Dinner," Fabio Viviani was enlisted as the host of an awkward dinner party, assigned to elicit some Real Housewives of New Jersey-esque table-flipping ratings-bait drama — the network even promoted it as such, calling the preview clip "Angry Dinner." Fabio, however, as a pseudo-villain felt scripted and forced (the goatee [...]

Toby Young as Mikhail Gorbachev

A week later, and Toby Young's head injuries from his face-smashing bicycle accident seem to healing up nicely. Now he just looks like a self-proclaimed "Gorbachev Jr."

The 'Find the man who knocked Toby Young off his bike' Facebook Group

After Toby Young had a face-smashing bicycle accident with an unknown assailant, William Sitwell, the editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated, started a Facebook group, Find the man who knocked Toby Young off his bike. Details:
He gave a false number but a name of Kenny Ormond. 12.30 AM Wednesday 29 April driving a hatchback on Holland [...]

Toby Young in a Face-Smashing Bicycle Accident

He writes on his blog:
I got knocked off my bike on Tuesday night. Ambulance, hospital, general anaesthetic … the whole nine yards. No nerve damage and brain seems to be functioning okay, but hopes of becoming a male supermodel have now been dashed....
There’s a simple moral to this story: If you’re going to cycle in [...]

Charlie Brooker Really Hates the New Walkers' Crisps Flavors

Where to start with Charlie Brooker's assessment of the six trial flavors of Walkers' crisps on the market in the UK right now? The crisp (ahem, potato chip) brand has launched a contest in which the snack-consuming customer votes on a new flavor, and they've corralled the increasingly media-omnipresent Heston Blumenthal to weigh in as [...]

Toby Young Proclaimed One of Reality Television's 'Worst Villains of 2009'

The New York Post's Sunday television insert proclaimed Toby Young to be one of reality television's "Worst Villains of 2009," placing him into a less than, let's say, desirable group.
Surely our readers are too sophisticated to know who those other villains are. We had to ask around, but herein we break it down for [...]

Toby Young and Jean-Christophe Novelli Kiss, Make Up

Toby Young, blogging for Bravo's Top Chef website, lets us know that he and Jean-Christophe Novelli put their past behind them, and even have a little bit of a bromance going on:
My one big worry in last night's episode is that there's a bit of history between Jean-Christophe Novelli and me... To cut a long [...]

Jean-Christophe Novelli Banned 'Top Chef' Judge Toby Young From All His Restaurants [feuds]

Last night's Top Chef... well, whatever. Here is the fact we care about. The Chicago Dining Examiner casually mentions this random tidbit — turns out that guest judge Jean-Christophe Novelli has "banned Toby Young from all of his restaurants following a showdown during the taping of an episode of the British Hell's Kitchen. The Top [...]

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