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The Joy of Chicken Slaughtering [youtube]

We were reading hipster butcher Tom Mylan's recent piece in Gourmet about how he used YouTube as a research tool to learn about how to slaughter a live chicken. Why did he do this? Because "for some reason people assume that because I know how to butcher whole pigs or sides of beef, [...]

Marlow & Daughters Butcher Shop Video from Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting posted this great video of a visit to Tom Mylan's Marlow & Daughters Butcher Shop in Brooklyn. It's a charming vignette, with Mylan wrangling whole animals, chowing down on some beef sashimi, and sharing his refreshingly no-bullshit philosophy:
Free range, organic, there’s a lot of buzzwords out there that don't really mean anything anymore. [...]

In Defense of Uncookable Cookbooks

A page from The Big Fat Duck Cookbook. See our review.
There's a post on Grocery Guy, the personal blog of hipster butcher Tom Mylan, slamming the seemingly unattainable world of "books you can't actually cook out of" by way of praising Moro: The Cookbook by Samuel and Samantha Clark.
It's understandable that there would be a [...]

Butcher's Apron as Fashion Statement By Alexander McQueen

The Internation Herald Tribune files a report on Alexander McQueen's "McQueensbury Rules" men's show:
McQueen is in his element with his precise tailoring. Concentrating on the short coat, one of the hits of the season, he made outerwear part of a menacing vision in which a metallic butcher's apron or a leather pinafore added spice to [...]

All The Cool Kids Are Making Christmas Goose

Photograph by dalvenjah
Tom Mylan of Marlow & Sons (actually, I guess I'll now have to call him 'Tom Mylan of Marlow & Daughters') wonders about the current obsession with the Christmas foul du jour:
It seems like every dumbass in the world is all of a sudden really hot to cook a goose. Why now people? [...]

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