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Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron Gets Syfy Show

Photograph by Food Marathon
Seems like you can't have a cable network without a food show these days. Syfy has announced a new reality lineup which includes a show called Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, starring Top Chef season 2 runner-up Marcel Vigneron. The show will feature Vigneron's new catering company as they take on wacky theme parties [...]

Michael Voltaggio on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien

Following his Top Chef win, last night Michael Voltaggio visited The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, and less than a minute in he got bleeped out. During the cooking segment, Voltaggio makes a dessert to show off his molecular gastronomy skills. When he breaks out the liquid nitrogen, the crowd gets excited, with Conan proclaiming, [...]

Spot Toby Young! (and a Top Chef: The Quickfire Cookbook Giveaway)

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We were working late pulling together a treatise on the theme of baldness in Top Chef (consider! Tom Colicchio, Toby Young, the let's-shave-Marcel's-head-gate of season whatever, Horrible Hosea, other random contestants through the years, etc.) And then it just snowballed from there — Jean-Luc Picard, Bruce Willis, et al — to result in a [...]

Bravo's Sleazy Top Chef Reunion Dinner with Fabio Viviani

For the Top Chef "Reunion Dinner," Fabio Viviani was enlisted as the host of an awkward dinner party, assigned to elicit some Real Housewives of New Jersey-esque table-flipping ratings-bait drama — the network even promoted it as such, calling the preview clip "Angry Dinner." Fabio, however, as a pseudo-villain felt scripted and forced (the goatee [...]

Just Desserts: Bravo's Top Chef Pastry Spinoff

Bravo announced a spin-off of Top Chef focusing on desserts only (this follows the announcement last Thursday of another season of Top Chef Masters). Amazingly, there's no fear of oversaturation — an exec told Variety that Bravo hopes to "have some sort of Top Chef presence on the network's schedule throughout the entire year." Judges [...]

The Eat Me Daily Fall 2009 Cookbook Preview

Autumn brings more than just falling leaves and the return of legitimate root vegetables: it's also when publishing houses drop their most ambitious cookbook offerings, hoping to tap into the spirit of cooking (and book-buying) that pervades the pre-holiday season.
And is this ever a good year for cookbooks: the next three months will see enough [...]

Who Would Play the Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game?

Publishers Weekly reminded us of the upcoming Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game (out November, preorder on Amazon). Released by Chronicle Books, the exclusive publisher of all Top Chef books, the game comes with 150 cards that cover food trivia ("What are the two ingredients in a roux?") and Top Chef-related trivia from the first four [...]

More Top Chef Madness: Bravo's Late-Night Watch What Happens: Live

Bravo's got a new late-night show premiering Thursday, July 16th called Watch What Happens: Live, an "interactive series" (Read: online comments!) hosted by Bravo programming executive Andy Cohen, best known as the host of those innumerable reunion specials.
The press release informs us that "Cohen will sit down with guests from some of Bravo's most popular [...]

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