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Ted Allen Claims Chopped Isn't a Ripoff of Top Chef

Responding to criticism right here that Chopped is a ripoff of Top Chef, Ted Allen gets all defensive on his blog, claiming that the show "has actually been percolating at Food Network for a few years." He starts out his post funny and sarcastic: "just because there are already 37 cooking-competition shows on TV doesn’t [...]

Who the Hell Is Toby Young?

Metromix ran a Q&A the other day with Top Chef guest judge, Toby Young. I'm not surprised that it's a big old softball — Bravo's PR machine doesn't allow any room to criticize or question the network's often inexplicable choices of guest judge (remember when Debra Messing was the final judge on season one of [...]

'Top Chef' Steals Taste Test from 'Hell's Kitchen' [shocker]

Last week's taste test on Top Chef seemed oddly familiar. All of the taste tests from Top Chef always tested the contestants' ability to identify only one ingredient. And then it hit us: we had seen the the exact same taste on the last season of Hell's Kitchen, which aired last summer, where the contestants [...]

Prediction for 2009: Total Food-Based Reality Television Overload

2009 is poised to be the year that food reality TV is going to peak. Besides the classic stalwarts (Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc.) there are so many new food competitions hitting the cable box that we can't help but be reminded of the famous line by the radio comedian Fred Allen, "imitation is the [...]

New York Times Brings Confusion with 'Top Chef' Headline

The title of the story, "Another Top Chef Turns in His Michelin Stars," made me think for a second: Wait, there are multiple contestants from Top Chef with Michelin stars?
But no. It just turned out to be another story about Olivier Roellinger giving back his three Michelin stars.
So, when the Times doesn't recognize that [...]

Top Chef Ejectee Lauren Starling Hope on Padma Lakshmi [saucy]

After being sent home from Top Chef, Lauren Starling Hope gave some pretty standard exit interviews to a few blogs, but she let loose when Yum Sugar interviewed her, having some choice words about Padma Lakshmi:
As for Padma, they do a very nice job editing and she comes out looking nice. She's not a person [...]

Promo for Chopped, Food Network's Ripoff of Top Chef [video]

Food Network aired a commercial for Chopped, a new reality show coming in January — what they're calling "a new kind of weekly competition," where "talented chefs face off in a whole new way." Right.
Ted Allen is the show's host, which now makes a lot more sense as to why he's not on Top [...]

Top Chef Season Five Episode One - ADHD Edition [video]

Blond hair guy looks like the guy from House! Bleeding on apples! Padma wears purple! Quickfire elimination for making a salad! Team Rainbow! European guys! Spirit guides! Seriously enough with the promos for the Real Housewives of the OC! Jean Georges! Undercooked farro! Bok choy! MORE SALT PEOPLE! This is not Top Culinary Student so [...]

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