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Food Video Game Mega Roundup Post

I'm not going to waste my time (or yours) making separate posts for all of these games. So here's a mega roundup of recently- and soon-to-be- released video games that are all based around food. Exciting!
1. What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver (Nintendo DS) (official website)

"What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver is a fun and interactive cooking game featuring [...]

Padma's Friends Want You to Know She's No Gold Digger

Friends of Padma contacted the New York Post's Page Six to counter the claims that Padma Lakshmi is a gold digger, which ran in Page Six in the first place:
One pal fumed, "She does live in the circle of rich, famous people so it would be natural that they are the ones she may date. [...]

Top Chef: Point, Counter-Point, Counter-Counter-Point

Bret Thorn started it:
[T]he fans it cultivates are bad for the restaurant world, shifting the focus from food to personalities and drawing a lot of annoying, tittering idiots into my line of vision.
Frank Bruni weighs in:
I think Bret’s being just a tad too grumpy... And while some of this is out-and-out preening, best met [...]

Top Chef Contestant Radhika “Rad” Desai, Not a Big Fan of New York City

Radhika Desai, when asked, "Eat anywhere in New York that was amazing?"
"No comment."

Padma, Gold Digging

In other Top Chef judge news, Padma is on the hunt for a billionaire. Baby needs a new lobe of foie.

Top Chef Judge Toby Young on Barack Obama's Race

In an editorial for the Spectator, the British soon-to-be Top Chef judge and apparent expert on race in America weighs in on the president-elect:
I don't get it. I mean, am I the only person in the world who's noticed that Barak Obama isn't black? He's bi-racial. I don't see why his election has prompted such [...]

Richard Blais Hit With Paternity Suit [Top Chef]

Top Chef Season 4's molecular gastronomist Richard Blais got hit with a paternity suit: "The child is now 17 and Samantha claims Blais has never paid a cent of child support." [via]

Top Chef Product Placement Continues, Unabated

Expect to get beaten over the head even more: beyond the Glad bags, Ad Age reveals the new brands that are going to be "integrated" into Top Chef: Campbell Soup Co., Diet Dr Pepper and Quaker. In addition, we find out that there's a "strict policy on not repeating any of the show's quick-fire or [...]

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