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The Chewable Gumball Foosball Table

Check out the analog gaming world's latest attempt to lure kids away from the Wii: It's Gumball Foosball, "the only foosball game that is played with chewable gumballs!"
Where for decades a regular plastic ball has been more than sufficient, our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer have for no apparent reason fused sticky, sugary chewing gum with [...]

Japanese Noodle Waterslide

Somen are a Japanese wheat noodle which are usually eaten cold, with a dipping sauce. During the summer, they're occasionally eaten out of a long bamboo trough flowing with fish or seaweed broth in which diners must pluck the noodles with chopsticks as fast as they can. As added pressure, noodles that aren’t caught [...]

Chocolate-Covered Toy Soldiers by Stephen J Shanabrook [food art]

Photographs: Raphael Brion
Currently on display at the Daneyal Mahmood gallery in New York City is the installation "Battle of Losers and Lovers" by Stephen J Shanabrook (also see our recent post about his other chocolate and food-based work). In this installation, Shanabrook covers (or entombs) common plastic toy soldiers in actual dark chocolate, [...]

Taco Bell's Bellhedz Rips Off Kid Robot's Vinyl Toys

Left: Taco Bell's Bellhedz. Right: Kid Robot's knockoff of Taco Bell's promo art.
Corporations reappropriating urban art and design is nothing new, but this is pretty shameful: Fans of vinyl toys are up in arms over Taco Bell's new line of Bellhedz figures that are being packaged with kids' meals because they're total ripoffs of Kid [...]

Toys from Japan: Korean Barbecue and the Sushi Train

As far as we're concerned, people in Japan have their priorities straight:  They've got robots making them food and preparing their ramen, their TV shows talk about competitive eating, and now they're getting two food-related toys that make our Easy Bake Ovens hide in shame.

Korean Barbecue is ultra-popular right now in the land of [...]

Man-Eating Teddy Bears... from Outer Space!

Photograph by IWG
Coming in June from Rocket World come the IWG (Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo, duh) Sleepy Bear Series, each of whom comes with a satisfied, sleepy grin, knife, human skull trophy, and their very own sporks! You can rest easy knowing that when adorable alien human-eating teddy bears invade the world, at least they will [...]

Travis Cain's BFF Mini Series

We're totally loving Travis Cain's BFF Mini Series of vinyl toys for Kidrobot. The concept behind the collection: Opposites attract, which is why you have a sausage paired with a fork, a tooth with a lollipop, and a steak with a knife. We didn't know BFFs impaled each other like that. $7.95 each, sold [...]

Morbid Cat Toys

We're loving the morbid cat toys from Spell Well on Etsy, featuring decapitated animals with their guts hanging out. Beyond the fish, bird, and mouse, there's a robot and even a decapitated Marie Antoinette.

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