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Robo Chef: Episode One of Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe

Episode one of Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe webisode series hit YouTube, and it's (gulp) better than we could ever imagine. It all makes sense. In this episode, the mad scientist Bourdain builds a robot that can replace television cooking show hosts, using parts like Mario Batali's "powerful legs and thighs," Manson eyeballs, and "combat chesticles." [...]

Anthony Bourdain to Internet: Chill Out! Alternate Universe Is Just a Series of Short Webisodes

After a pretty resounding OMGWTF response from the internet to yesterday's preview of the cartoon webisodes Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe, Bourdain had no choice but to get on his blog and try to explain himself to quell the furious accusations of shark-jumping and selling out, even sometimes breaking into all-caps:

Anthony Bourdain Gets His Own Cartoon: Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe

Update: Here's epidode one: RoboChef!
Anthony Bourdain is getting his own animated web series, Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe (beating Gordon Ramsay to the punch), and it's... baffling. The trailer for the Adult Swim-ish webseries doesn't explain much, but from what we can tell, Bourdain is some kind of mad scientist / father of twins wearing a [...]

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