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New Trend: The Rabbit In The Moon

Photographs: Urban Daddy and designboom
This cozy gastropub in New York and this set of tableware from Taiwanese designer Hsia-Ying Lin have one thing in common. No, not that I can't afford to partake in either (okay, two things in common), but that they are both inspired by the Asian legend of the rabbit in the [...]

New York Magazine Stays on Trend, Writes About Hamburgers

New York magazine ran their "Where to Eat 2009" issue today, and we realized something. NYM and trends is like our college roommate and her alcoholic fratboy boyfriend. So ready to walk away, so tired of all the drama, wasting hours and hours complaining about how awful it is ... but there's something ineffable keeping [...]

All The Cool Kids Are Making Christmas Goose

Photograph by dalvenjah
Tom Mylan of Marlow & Sons (actually, I guess I'll now have to call him 'Tom Mylan of Marlow & Daughters') wonders about the current obsession with the Christmas foul du jour:
It seems like every dumbass in the world is all of a sudden really hot to cook a goose. Why now people? [...]

Epicurious's 2008 Food Predictions, Revisited

Photograph by NYCArthur
Everyone's all buzz buzz buzz about Epicurious's food predictions for 2009. Screw that. How well did the team do a year ago, when they predicted what 2008 would bring?
1. Speed: Forget drive-ins, people will order and pay for food with their mobile phones.
2. Niche dining: Very specific focus food outlets such as ceviche [...]

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