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The Best Thing About Being Michael Bay

We're enjoying Fake Michael Bay on Twitter, where he's envisioned as a man who hosts an annual endangered species BBQ, uses Sriracha as eye drops, and hang-glides to his therapist. A sample tweet from yesterday: "Best thing about being me? UNLIMITED pizza bagels."

The Wisdom of @shitmydadsays

Details are sparse: Justin is 28. He lives with his curmudgeonly 73 year-old dad. "He is awesome." The dad's wisdom is then entered into Twitter @shitmydadsays. Examples include:
Nutrition advice: "I didn't live to be 73 years old so I could eat kale. Don't fix me your breakfast and pretend you're fixing mine."
Cooking advice: "Don't [...]

Brunimia: Frank Bruni Overload

Says @michelehumes: "Brunimia [broo-NEEM-ee-uh] -noun- Frequent episodes of eye-rolling and nausea following a Bruni media appearance."
As in "This morning, The Atlantic ran a post by Frank Bruni and a piece by Corby Kummer praising Bruni. I got a wicked case of brunimia coming on."
The backlash begins.

NFL Star Antonio Cromartie Complains About Food on Twitter, Gets Fined $2500 By His Team

The $2,500 tweet.
This news is a couple of days old (we don't read the sports media), but San Diego Chargers cornerback and Pro Bowler Antonio Cromartie (@crimetime31) was fined $2,500 by his team for complaining about the food. The offending tweet: "Man we have 2 have the most nasty food of any team. Damn can [...]

Frank Bruni: Car Salesman?

Gael Greene tweets: "Just saw photo of Frank Bruni on Grub Street? Would you trade in your clunker and buy a new car from this man?" We don't see it.

Warning! Guy Fieri Impostor on the Loose in Kansas City!

Guy Fieri would like you to know that he is in New York City and not Kansas City. He tweeted: "In nyc shootin a piece for a major magazine that will be out in dec... So off da hook. Just fyi not in kansas city, someone sayin they're me"
Back in May a Guy Fieri impostor [...]

Gael Greene's Elvis-Embroidered Dish Towels

Gael Greene has a new toy: a kitchen towel embroidered with the name of her most famous sexual conquest, in hilarious food-pun form: "Elvis Parsley."

Kelly Choi Is Very Excited About Ratings for Top Chef Masters

Kelly Choi (on Twitter with the all-caps username @KELLYCHOI) is very excited about the ratings for Top Chef Masters, and thusly tweets: "Top chef masters ratings up up up and rockin!! The Master chefs rooooool.... Tx so much!!!"

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